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Sunstones and Moonlight

Tarot Reading and Reiki Energy Healing

An intuitive reader that works to assist your spiritual energy through difficult times, or just cleanse your energy using Reiki.

With an intuitive knowing, we can work together to see how certain life events are working around you to move you toward your highest good, if you so choose to take that path. 


Melissa, In-Person Reiki 

"I had an hour long reiki session with Michelle. It was the best reiki that I have had ever to date, and I have had numerous." 



Reiki (Distance)

In Person
2 sessions Receive 15%Off
3 Sessions Receive 20% Off



Tarot Reading


Love Reading                           $55
Career Reading                       $55
General Reading                     $55
3 Question Reading               $55

All readings are approximately 30-45 minutes, Sent via a private YouTube link.


Thanks for your interest in Sunstones and Moonlight. For more information, on tarot readings or reiki energy healing, please DM me through Instagram with your sun/moon sign and any other information necessary.

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